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Get the facts. Know her risk.


Thank you for downloading the patient risk estimator tool.

If your download does not start automatically, please click here to download the tool.  


To run the tool offline: 

You may be prompted to save a file called Patient_Risk_Tool.zip. Choose Save File, and designate a location to save. If you do not have a preferred location, we recommend saving this to your Desktop for easy access. 

Once the file is downloaded, locate the Patient_Risk_Tool.zip file. If you did not specify a location to save, the file may be in your Downloads folder. 

Unzip the file to extract its contents. Note: if you do not unzip the file, the tool will not work properly.

Double click on the "Calculator.html" file in order to run the risk estimator. Although this will open in your default internet browser, no internet connection is needed to run the tool.

Please do not move this file outside of the Patient_Risk_Tool folder or delete any of the other items in this folder as that will cause the tool to no longer work offline.



*This patient risk estimator tool is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a medical diagnosis or substitute for the professional judgment of the healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients. This  patient risk estimator tool is based on the ATHENA study results and is not intended to represent individual patient results. The information provided should be assessed in the context of the entire patient history.